Our company

Our values

Albentia Systems is the Spanish leading provider of Broadband Wireless solutions. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Madrid (Spain), Albentia Systems leverages its strong IP and systems expertise on a significant R&D effort to develop IEEE802.16-based innovative solutions for Access and Backhauling applications.

Albentia Systems’ R&D teams benefit from a confirmed experience in some of the world’s most renowned and challenging research labs. This dynamic group of engineers paves the way for our customers in the deployment of the industry’s most advanced communications systems.

Albentia Systems is a spin-off of BTESA (Broad Telecom S.A.), one of the World’s leading company in the market of TV broadcasting, which has been designing and manufacturing analogue and digital TV transmitters for 30 years. This transfer of experience represents an impressive logistical and financial support from one of the most solid companies in the Spanish market.

Albentia Systems is fully committed to customer satisfaction, and our philosophy is based on two main values: quality and transparency.

In Albentia Systems we are aware of the excellence of our products. And yet we want to go farther in the relationships with our customers.

All our planning and organization processes are customer-oriented, in order for us to meet our customers’ requirements and satisfy their needs in the most optimized manner. Furthermore, our customer management policy is based on proximity, communication, interaction and reactivity.

Professional Training

  • Technical Training
  • Custom courses using Albentia’s equipment
  • Equipment installation, maintenance and support Certificates

HW/SW Design

  • Custom hardware and software developments
  • Redesigns for specific radio bands
  • Firmware updates
  • Network management systems

Network Engineering

  • Network planning and design
  • System engineering
  • Telecommunications installation certification
  • Network optimization and dimensioning

Support and Services

  • Wireless Turnkey projects
  • Custom maintenance packages
  • Technical pre-sales and after sales support

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